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Basics: How to Prep, Use, and Clean a Concrete Pump [VIDEO]

We recently found this really nice video from Odell Complete Concrete and wanted to publish it here on the blog. We recommend you check out their channel, there are some cool videos. How to Prep, Use, and Clean a Concrete Pump Full Transcript Hello and welcome back to the Odell Complete Concrete Channel. My name [...]

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All About The Versatile Putzmeister Telebelt [VIDEO]

At their dawning, civilizations are built on the power and ingenuity of the human spirit. Monumental successes, hinging on the conveyance of goods and materials in the most efficient and versatile ways possible.Today, in the hands of globally respected manufacturer Putzmeister America, technology has enabled the methods of the past to evolve to a higher [...]

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Concrete Pumping Businesses: 5 Social Media Tips to Generate Leads

There is simply no getting around it – social media has become one of the best strategies to build relationships with prospective and current customers. The trend goes beyond using multiple  platforms to build brand awareness or generate sales; even though concrete pumping businesses who incorporate social media as part of their overall marketing funnel are achieving [...]