Our team of professionals here at Cole and Lambert would like to ensure that our clients remain safe on the job-site. Today, we want to discuss one way to become certified to safely operate your concrete pump trucks and other concrete equipment. Many accidents, injuries, and damage to costly concrete equipment can be easily avoided, according to the ACPA Certification program.

What is ACPA Certification?

To become a certified member of the American Concrete Pumping Association, operators who meet the test requirements take four hours of an ACPA training class. To meet the requirements, you must have a certain amount of hours working in your individual certification area. Afterwards, operators can take a six-part test on the safe operation of concrete pumping equipment, scoring at least 70% to pass and become certified.

Benefits of Becoming a Certified Concrete Pumping Equipment Operator:

  • Operators will be less likely to have costly accidents on the job.
  • The operator will be acknowledged as an expert in his or her profession.
  • Training and increased performance will make the workplace much safer for all employees and clients.
  • Clients will respect your efforts to maintain high safety standards.
  • Insurance rates will not rise due to accidents caused by inexperienced or uneducated concrete pump truck operators.

Cole & Lambert is here to help:

For all of your concrete equipment needs, we proudly serve up and down the east coast. Whether you need to purchase concrete pump trucks or sell your used concrete equipment, we are here to help you. We also offer superior service and regular maintenance that is quick and thorough, saving your concrete pump trucks from other major, costly repairs.