As your concrete construction business continues to grow, it can become a time consuming chore to keep track of the location of concrete equipment, concrete pump trucks, scheduling repair and maintenance, and even which employee is assigned to a specific piece of equipment or job. With the variety of equipment tracking software available to the construction industry today, keeping track of equipment and job assignments has become manageable and fairly easy. This week, Cole & Lambert would like to show you how this software will greatly benefit your concrete construction company.

Big Business Benefits Of Equipment Tracking Software:

  • You can create or select a job, indicate the tools, equipment, and employee that you would like to assign to that job, and indicate the dates these tasks are to be performed.
  • Keep track of your concrete equipment and concrete pump trucks: This software allows you to see where the equipment is, such as at a jobsite or in storage, as well as which employee is using the equipment.
  • The Tool Tracking System allows you to account for the location and user of any tool, small or large, which is being used in the daily operation of your business.
  • Assign drivers to your concrete pump trucks and maintain a record of a driver’s history.
  • This software will also ensure that you stay on a strict repair and maintenance schedule. As we have said before, this is the best way to avoid unnecessary, costly repairs or injuries, which will also allow you to maintain jobsite safety.

Keep Track & Stay On Track:

At Cole & Lambert, we understand the responsibility of keeping a record of who, what, when, where, why, and how. Fortunately, this software can answer those tough questions with a simple click on a button. There are many different types of equipment tracking software that are designed for small and large businesses. We used the benefits offered by Waterwheel Software as a demonstration of the many advantages awaiting you. When you want to keep track of concrete pump trucks, employees, and more, we highly recommend using equipment-tracking software to keep your business running smoothly.

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