Over the past few years, the questionable practice of using a boom to fulfill the functions of a crane has gained the attention of the American Concrete Pumping Association. You can find a clear ruling against this practice in the ACPA Safety Manual, which is an excellent resource for those involved in the concrete construction industry. At Cole & Lambert, we want our clients to stay informed on the latest safety precautions.

Not a Smart Move

There are several reasons why the use of a boom as a crane is considered poor practice:

  1. Certain equipment is designed to perform specific tasks. So, when you use your boom for a job it is not designed to do, it will eventually break, and your warranty may be voided.
  2. It is DANGEROUS. The last thing you want to do is tip your machine over.
  3. A serious injury could occur if your boom breaks, which is an eventuality if you are misusing it.
  4. Load and Boom Configurations are different from one machine to the next, so you are going to get hit with some heavy repairs if you overload your equipment and it breaks.

Making Safety, Repair, and Maintenance a Priority

Our Outer Banks concrete equipment company wants your concrete pump trucks, boom pumps, and other concrete machinery to last. Following the strictest safety guidelines, along with proper service and repairs, will save you from catastrophe and costly repairs. For all of your concrete pump truck needs, Cole and Lambert proudly serves the east coast as your leader in concrete construction equipment and repair.