At Cole & Lambert, we know the importance of keeping up with repairs on all of your concrete equipment. As a business owner, you are aware of the investment that goes into machines such as concrete pump trucks, mortar machines, and boom pumps. The more you follow up with boom inspections, service, and repair, the fewer headaches you will have as a result of costly breakdowns.

Important Points to Consider

The main reasons for concrete pump truck service and repair:

  1. Employee safety comes in 1st place. You want to avoid injuries on the jobsite.
  2. A breakdown of one of your machines could cost you hours of missed labor time.
  3. It is a lot cheaper to perform regular maintenance than to have a machine breakdown and have to be brought in for a significant repair.
  4. Routine maintenance can also help to ensure warranty protection.

Your Machines Work Hard:

There is no denying that these machines work as hard as we do. Processing harsh materials can cause significant wear and tear on mechanical parts. A thorough cleaning at the end of the day is just as important as the service and repair of your concrete construction equipment.

We know that time is money, so consider our on-site service.

Any type of failure of your concrete pump truck or other concrete construction equipment will cost you time and money. Work won’t get done as long as your equipment is in a shop. Cole & Lambert will gladly come to you and perform on-site service to multiple machines. This will prevent you from having to take time and machinery away from your workday, and all of your service and repair needs will be met at once. This is the best way to prevent problems with your machines.