As an experienced dealer of concrete pump trucks, we know that safety is important on the job site. Don’t underestimate the dangers that lurk around the workplace, even if they seem insignificant at the time. Letting these things slip through the cracks can lead to a hazardous work environment and a major accident. The tips we have for you today will save your concrete equipment from becoming damaged, and it will protect workers on the job site.

This week, Cole & Lambert would like to share some simple tips from the American Concrete Pumping Association to help you and your workers remain safe on the job-site.

Before the concrete pump trucks arrive on site, locate any sprinkler systems or septic systems that could be damaged by the machinery.
·    Ensure that there is not an area of fresh back-fill, which could be hazardous to the concrete equipment and operators.
·    Be certain that the ground area is safe and that there is an ample amount of room to properly operate your concrete pump trucks and extend outriggers.
·    Always watch for overhead objects when operating concrete equipment, allow a coworker to assist you when backing out of a tight workspace, and take extra safety precautions when driving on the highways.

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