If you are in the concrete construction industry, you will often have potential clients ask you about the benefits of building a home made out of concrete instead of wood. Well, our concrete experts have gathered some solid facts about the many advantages of Outer Banks home construction with the use of concrete that you can share with your own customers. From concrete pump trucks to parts for your concrete equipment, you can rely on the experts at Cole & Lambert to help you with your business.

“Why Chose A Concrete Home?” they ask:

  • Decrease the amount paid on an insurance policy each year by selecting concrete over other building materials that are more susceptible to fire and other damages.
  • Concrete homes are more durable, so they withstand the elements of Mother Nature far more than wood. This includes damages as a result of storms, and even the wear and tear of time such as rotting or pest problems.
  • Energy efficiency and superior temperature control are major features of concrete homes. Concrete significantly reduces the amount of air that typically leaks in and out of homes built from other materials.
  • Concrete homes are much quieter than homes built with wood. The reduction of outside noises, such as cars, dump trucks (and even concrete pump trucks for that matter), and loud neighbors, allows for additional privacy.
  • Building with concrete dramatically decreases our use of trees, making this an environmentally friendly building material.

Equipment For Your Company:

We hope that these points will be shared with your potential clients, and that they decide that concrete is the top choice for home building materials. When you are in need of concrete pump trucks, telebelts, mortar machines, or a replacement part for any of your concrete equipment, our service professionals can assist you. And don’t forget that we offer on-site concrete repairs and maintenance for your convenience. To learn more about the advantages of building with concrete, contact Cole & Lambert today.