With an economy that has slowed down the construction industry, contractors are finding ways to save money while still providing superior customer service. Concrete Pump Trucks are one resource that will benefit your business financially and beyond.

Decrease Labor Costs and Improve Employee Productivity

  1. Using a concrete pump truck will significantly decrease the man-hours involved with manually pouring concrete, and it is far safer.
  2. More laborers will be able to perform other vital tasks, now that not so many are needed to pour concrete.
  3. Save labor costs with decreased site preparation.

Take on Even More Jobs

Cole & Lambert wants our clients to be successful. Imagine how many additional jobs your business could take on with a concrete pump truck. The productivity these trucks provide can increase your profits daily. Concrete pump trucks deliver and pump concrete in otherwise hard to reach places, and they do it accurately and quickly. This is the most reliable, accurate, and effective way to maximize the sales and productivity of your business.

Purchase or Lease a Concrete Pump Truck

If you don’t need to purchase a truck, your other option is to lease the equipment. Whether you have a short-term job or a long-term job, leasing concrete equipment is an excellent alternative when you still need to get the job done quickly and safely. We even offer jobsite training to ensure that our clients are knowledgeable and safe when working.