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Avoid Blockage in Your Concrete Pump Truck

When working with your concrete pump truck, it is important to avoid blockage in your pump line. There are several ways to avoid this problem, and there are ways to solve the problem if it does occur. New operators are bound to make a few mistakes here and there, but being aware of the causes [...]

Watching for Hidden Hazards on the Job Site

As an experienced dealer of concrete pump trucks, we know that safety is important on the job site. Don’t underestimate the dangers that lurk around the workplace, even if they seem insignificant at the time. Letting these things slip through the cracks can lead to a hazardous work environment and a major accident. The tips [...]

Find Concrete Equipment Nationwide with Cole & Lambert

Areas such as the Outer Banks of North Carolina may have limited access to various types of concrete equipment, so Cole & Lambert gladly helps clients find what they need without the hassle of having to travel far and wide. If you are looking for concrete pump trucks or other concrete equipment, Cole & Lambert [...]

A Bibko Recycling System that You Can Count On

If you haven’t heard about the Bibko Recycling System, you are missing out on the many benefits the system has to offer. In addition to offering concrete pump trucks, mortar machines, and telebelts, Cole and Lambert is proud to offer you this service option for returned ready mixed concrete and storm water pollution management. This [...]

Reasons to Avoid Using Your Boom As a Crane

Over the past few years, the questionable practice of using a boom to fulfill the functions of a crane has gained the attention of the American Concrete Pumping Association. You can find a clear ruling against this practice in the ACPA Safety Manual, which is an excellent resource for those involved in the concrete construction [...]

Top Reasons to Stay On Top of Repairs

At Cole & Lambert, we know the importance of keeping up with repairs on all of your concrete equipment. As a business owner, you are aware of the investment that goes into machines such as concrete pump trucks, mortar machines, and boom pumps. The more you follow up with boom inspections, service, and repair, the [...]

The Concrete Industry is Growing with Technology

As the concrete industry continues to grow, so does the technology available to speed the placement process. Between concrete pumping trucks, telebelt conveyors, mortar machines, and various types of boom pumps, it is no surprise that the concrete industry keeps growing and saving in labor costs. Today, Cole & Lambert would like to talk about [...]

Choosing Your Putzmeister Mortar Machine

Like our concrete pump trucks, there are many aspects of mortar machines that can minimize costs and maximize productivity on the jobsite. This week Cole & Lambert would like to discuss the different advantages of various Putzmeister mortar machines. There are a variety of pumps and mixers, and it is helpful to know how they [...]

Concrete Pump Trucks Will Get Your Business Moving

With an economy that has slowed down the construction industry, contractors are finding ways to save money while still providing superior customer service. Concrete Pump Trucks are one resource that will benefit your business financially and beyond. […]

Concrete Pump Trucks: Safe Driving Guidelines

Operating a concrete pump truck requires skill and knowledge. Because of the sheer size of these vehicles and pumping equipment, diligence is always required. There are a number of defensive driving principles that concrete pump truck operators should consider during operation. There are also a number of general rules that provide safety guidelines to drivers. [...]