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Go Green With The Concrete Construction Industry

At Cole and Lambert, we not only supply the greatest concrete equipment, such as our hard-working concrete pump trucks, but we also like to offer our clients the facts about building with concrete. You can even use this sort of information as a selling point for your own clients. With everyone trying to do their [...]

Expect A Big Performance From Thom Katt Pumps

Our job at Cole & Lambert is to help you find the best concrete equipment available, and today we would like to discuss high performance pumps from Putzmeister. Putzmeister has applied their big boom expertise to Thom Katt pumps, offering many important advantages to your concrete business. Like our selection of concrete pump trucks, the [...]

Safety Precautions To Avoid Concrete Burns

At Cole & Lambert, we firmly believe that every business in the concrete industry should make certain that workers follow safe work practices. Whether a worker is operating concrete pump trucks or working with other concrete equipment, hazards on the jobsite can be easily avoided by following simple safety tips. This week, we would like [...]

Cole & Lambert Finds the Concrete Equipment you Need

Have you been searching high and low for the right concrete pump trucks for your business, but you just can’t seem to locate one? Well, Cole & Lambert can find the concrete equipment that you need in a timely manner and within your budget. We know that business can get hectic, and the last thing [...]

Avoid Blockage in Your Concrete Pump Truck

When working with your concrete pump truck, it is important to avoid blockage in your pump line. There are several ways to avoid this problem, and there are ways to solve the problem if it does occur. New operators are bound to make a few mistakes here and there, but being aware of the causes [...]

Concrete Equipment Safety Certification for Operators

Our team of professionals here at Cole and Lambert would like to ensure that our clients remain safe on the job-site. Today, we want to discuss one way to become certified to safely operate your concrete pump trucks and other concrete equipment. Many accidents, injuries, and damage to costly concrete equipment can be easily avoided, [...]

Watching for Hidden Hazards on the Job Site

As an experienced dealer of concrete pump trucks, we know that safety is important on the job site. Don’t underestimate the dangers that lurk around the workplace, even if they seem insignificant at the time. Letting these things slip through the cracks can lead to a hazardous work environment and a major accident. The tips [...]

Cole & Lambert Buys, Sells, & Repairs Concrete Equipment

Perhaps you need new equipment, but you need to sell your existing equipment first. If you need to sell your concrete pump trucks or any other concrete equipment, Cole & Lambert will be glad to buy from you. We are always interested in adding to our quality inventory, and we guarantee to give you a [...]

Find Concrete Equipment Nationwide with Cole & Lambert

Areas such as the Outer Banks of North Carolina may have limited access to various types of concrete equipment, so Cole & Lambert gladly helps clients find what they need without the hassle of having to travel far and wide. If you are looking for concrete pump trucks or other concrete equipment, Cole & Lambert [...]

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