If you haven’t heard about the Bibko Recycling System, you are missing out on the many benefits the system has to offer. In addition to offering concrete pump trucks, mortar machines, and telebelts, Cole and Lambert is proud to offer you this service option for returned ready mixed concrete and storm water pollution management. This week we would like to share some highlights of Bibko with you.

Here’s How it All Works:

  1. The Bibko recycling system separates leftover materials by placing greywater and coarse material and sand into separate compartments.
  2. Greywater is reused to rinse out truck mixers, and it is also used to make new batches.
  3. Concrete pump trucks simply back up to the collecting hopper, where excess ready-mix is then washed into the collection hopper and placed into the Bibko system.
  4. When the recycling process is complete, sand and course material is separated out and ready to be reused in batching.
  5. Most importantly, the system allows you to conform to water regulations and environmental laws.

There are several reasons to recycle concrete aggregate:

  1. Helps to protect natural resources.
  2. Reduces the impact on landfills.
  3. State agencies support the re-use of recycled aggregate for many types of concrete pavements.
  4. You get huge savings when using recycled aggregate.

Sales, Service & Repair that you can count on:

For all of your concrete equipment and recycling needs, Cole and Lambert is here to assist you. Whether you are searching for a concrete pump truck, or require help with recycling, we offer services throughout the United States and Brazil.

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