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All About The Versatile Putzmeister Telebelt [VIDEO]

At their dawning, civilizations are built on the power and ingenuity of the human spirit. Monumental successes, hinging on the conveyance of goods and materials in the most efficient and versatile ways possible.Today, in the hands of globally respected manufacturer Putzmeister America, technology has enabled the methods of the past to evolve to a higher [...]

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Superior Underground Concrete Spraying Systems

When you are looking for the best concrete equipment available, Cole & Lambert can help you find new and used concrete pump trucks, telebelts, trailer pumps, and much more. Today, we would like to discuss the advantages of concrete spraying systems used for tunnels, slopes, and caverns. As an authorized dealer of Putzmeister concrete equipment, [...]

Find Concrete Equipment Nationwide with Cole & Lambert

Areas such as the Outer Banks of North Carolina may have limited access to various types of concrete equipment, so Cole & Lambert gladly helps clients find what they need without the hassle of having to travel far and wide. If you are looking for concrete pump trucks or other concrete equipment, Cole & Lambert [...]

Operating Safety Tips for Your Concrete Pump Trucks

At Cole & Lambert, we not only supply concrete pump trucks, but we also insist on the safety of their users. The American Concrete Pumping Association offers a variety of safety video clips to promote worker safety in the concrete industry. The following are a few useful tips that every worker should follow in order [...]

Top Reasons to Stay On Top of Repairs

At Cole & Lambert, we know the importance of keeping up with repairs on all of your concrete equipment. As a business owner, you are aware of the investment that goes into machines such as concrete pump trucks, mortar machines, and boom pumps. The more you follow up with boom inspections, service, and repair, the [...]

The Concrete Industry is Growing with Technology

As the concrete industry continues to grow, so does the technology available to speed the placement process. Between concrete pumping trucks, telebelt conveyors, mortar machines, and various types of boom pumps, it is no surprise that the concrete industry keeps growing and saving in labor costs. Today, Cole & Lambert would like to talk about [...]

Making Business Easier With Telebelts

At Cole & Lambert, we are always looking for ways to keep our clients informed, so they can keep their business moving on the right track. We know that your business will go more smoothly with Putzmeister Telebelts. As with concrete pump trucks, telebelts can benefit your business in many ways by effectively meeting your [...]

Concrete Transportation and Pouring: What to Watch Out For

The transportation and pouring of concrete can be a delicate matter. Concrete can be finicky and conditions should be optimal. If not, wastage can occur, costing much time and money. Three top considerations when transporting and pouring concrete are: segregation; postponement of the pour; and, wastage due to poor planning and organization. Factors to Consider [...]