At Cole & Lambert, we not only supply concrete pump trucks, but we also insist on the safety of their users. The American Concrete Pumping Association offers a variety of safety video clips to promote worker safety in the concrete industry. The following are a few useful tips that every worker should follow in order to avoid a major accident on the job site.

concrete pumping trucksBe Aware of the Hazards

  1. Take the pump out of gear before opening hopper grates for maintenance or cleaning.
  2. Bleed the accumulator of any stored pressure, and be certain that the accumulator is at zero pressure.
  3. Lifting the grate with a pump in gear could cause the agitator to become engaged, pulling a worker into a hopper by the hose.
  4. Do not disable the protective hopper grate interlock switch because a serious accident could occur.
  5. To avoid hose-whipping injury, all workers should move outside of the end hose movement area.
  6. Be able to identify when these conditions may occur, and warn workers to clear out.

Concrete pump trucksScheduled Maintenance Promotes Safety

Our concrete pump trucks are backed with the on-site service, and concrete pump repair. This will further ensure that your concrete equipment is running at the highest and safest standard on the job site. Worker safety should be a top priority in the daily running of your business. For all of your Outer Banks concrete equipment needs, contact Cole & Lambert today to see how we can help you.