When working with your concrete pump truck, it is important to avoid blockage in your pump line. There are several ways to avoid this problem, and there are ways to solve the problem if it does occur. New operators are bound to make a few mistakes here and there, but being aware of the causes will help to eliminate such occurrences. At Cole & Lambert, we know the last thing a contractor wants to deal with is a blocked pump line.

There are several reasons that your pump line may become blocked:

  • Bad mix design or technique: Be sure your crew knows how to find the right balance between sand, concrete, and water.
  • Old concrete due to lack of thorough cleaning methods after use or using expired concrete or mixes.
  • Do not kink the end hose. This could cause damage to your concrete pump truck and injury to workers.
  • Be sure that your pump is compatible with the task at hand. The wrong type of mix or lack of enough pressure will cause the pump to fail at performing the job.

In the event that the pump line of your concrete pump truck becomes blocked, here are a few helpful hints:

If you can locate where the blockage exists, the operator needs to attempt to clear out the line by breaking it back. Alternately reversing a pump a few times may also help to rid of any foreign object causing the pump to clog up. The pump line should not be under any pressure when trying to repair a blockage. Remember, Cole & Lambert offers service and repair for your concrete pump truck, in the event that the operator cannot resolve the blockage.